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In every city, we select our suppliers according to a unique process

To establish and maintain its supplier network worldwide, LA Pro Limo has developed and implemented a unique Quality Assurance process.

We have a Quality Assurance process that describes how we locate, select, control and evaluate our suppliers around the world. This process usually lasts at least a year, and certain phases can last indefinitely.

The goals of our process are to:

  • standardize the service in all cities,
  • supervise the service performance in all cities,
  • evaluate the overall quality of service in all cities.

Insights & Answers

To Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s Asked By Travel Agencies

Yes, it is possible to make a short-notice booking. However, due to reduced availability, we sometimes cannot accept or guarantee short-notice bookings.

We do accept last-minute changes, but sometimes, despite all our efforts, we cannot accept such changes due to reduced availability which can be caused either by current events in the city or by a tight booking schedule that cannot be changed. Please note that such modifications, additional stops or service that differs from the originally booked service may result in additional costs.

We would always assign a preferable chauffeur in a particular city or for particular passengers. The exceptions would be made only if the driver has already been assigned another job in the meantime, is on an annual leave or has health issues.

We make sure the chauffeur is never late. Our chauffeurs are always timely dispatched and they are at the pickup location at least 10 minutes prior to the booking time. Even with the help of traffic monitoring and travel guidance, unexpected delays may occur in rare instances.

However, our advanced ride status notification system enables us to monitor the chauffeur’s movement from the garage to the pickup point allowing our dispatch team enough time and an opportunity to react if there is a slight doubt the chauffeur would arrive in time. Finally, to reassure you, we would provide a free ride if our chauffeur was proven to be late.

Yes, the driver will always wait for the passengers as long as needed. However, after the grace waiting time, every starting hour of additional waiting time will be charged at the rate of hourly service for the assigned vehicle.

We devote utmost attention to preparation and prevention. However, as in any line of work, there are circumstances that occur independently of us and that cannot be foreseen. If there is an incident, our prompt 24/7 reaction will follow in order to avoid or mitigate the consequences. All incidents are automatically reported to the Limos4 incident management that will take all necessary actions leading to satisfactory solutions and indemnities for the clients.

In general, all major credit cards are accepted for payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and bank transfer as a payment method is also possible. We only do not accept cash payment.

Monthly invoicing option is only available for corporate accounts. If you have a monthly invoice set up, your monthly invoices will be sent out within the first 3 workdays of each month, covering all rides taken in the previous month.

For your convenience, we can charge the end client’s credit card.  Also, we can charge the end client’s credit card with your commission included, and pay you off according to your instructions and preferences. We might request a credit card authorization form to be completed in order to avoid eventual disputes.

Yes. We would be glad to provide prices and share all relevant general and service information about particular cities or countries.

Discounted rates are available for regular clients. As we promote a client-oriented approach, discounted rates or complimentary transfers would gladly be offered to all clients who book larger volumes of services.

Yes, we do provide a professional tour guide service in all cities we serve. We also provide a driver-guide service where such service is permitted by local law.

Yes, and without paying for it in advance. An email, a call or just a message would do. The final report on additional costs would be presented after the service along with the payment link or invoice. Please note the modifications cannot be arranged with the driver but with Limos4 Customer Care Team only.

As we always try to provide all-inclusive rates, we would include the driver’s meals and accommodation fee in our offer. However, if required, we can present these fees separately as well.

The pickup time changes are possible and free of charge. Additional charges would only apply if a pickup time change is requested at the last minute or if the driver is already on the way to the pickup location. Other booking modifications that are different from the originally booked service may result in additional charges.
Generally, the last-minute modifications are usually accepted but cannot be guaranteed by PLS.

We gladly provide local information and recommend hotels or restaurants according to preferences, but we do not provide local assistance, such as reservations or ticket purchases.

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Experience our

Luxury Fleet

Experience the comfort

Mercedes Benz E-Class

Business Class
1-3 Passengers

Our fleet consists of multiple high-class luxury sedans that can suit any occasion. Whether it’s the Cadillac CTS, the Mercedes E-Class, the Volvo S-90, or something more, we have you covered.


First Class
1-3 Passengers

Our First Class fleet is the latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW Series 7, or Audi A8. It can accommodate up to 3 passengers and 3 medium-sized pieces of luggage.


Green Class
1-5 Passengers

Our Green SUV Class is the all-electric five-door Tesla Model X. The vehicle can take up to 5 passengers and 5 pieces of hand luggage or 3 medium-sized suitcases.


Van/SUV Class
1-7 Passengers

Our Business Van/SUV Class is the late-model Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon, or Lincoln Navigator. It can take up to 7 passengers and 7 medium-sized pieces of luggage.